Incredible Popcorn has been selling delicious popcorn for over 15 years at many of our local fairs for years. The popcorn is so good, that our customers have asked why we don’t make it year round..This year we decided to broaden our market beyond the fairs and give our customers the wonderful popcorn they desire….at any time of the year!!


The shop is OPEN for business!

Online Gift Certificates Now Available!

Choose from $25 – $200. Add the email of the person who is receiving the gift certificate and they will get an email that you purchased it for them and they will be able to download and print the gift certificate. Pick the image below that will be part of the gift certificate.

Hours: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs. 11am -8pm
Fri, Sat , 11am -9pm

Incredible Popcorn Bloomsburg

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